Nesstar Public API

Using the Nesstar public API to build applications to harness/use data stored in a Nesstar server

It is possible to build custom applications to harness or to do tailor made operations on the rich metadata stored in a Nesstar server. The Nesstar team has built a public API for this purpose. The first stable version of Nesstar API has been released. However, it is extended with new functionality on a regular basis. The API also provides basic data support.

To get this API and its dependencies, just list it as a dependency in your projects pom file. We currently have only published the jars to our own maven repository, so you'll need to tell maven about that as well.

Getting started

Let's say you want to build a metadata harvester using the Nesstar public API. Your pom file could look something like this:


The javadocs for the Nesstar public API is served up by the maven repository. This means that your IDE should be able to automatically download and display updated documentation. If you would rather download the javadocs yourself, you can find them at the maven repository.

Online Javadocs can be found here.

See also the Release Notes and License terms

If you are using the Nesstar API from a .Net environment, we recommend that you read this thread on our mailing-list.


The following code connects to a Nesstar server running on, fetches a list of all studies on this server and dumps them to the console. Put in your own values for serverURL and serverPort and this should be a nice starting point for a proper application.

You can download or clone the complete project setup for this example from