Survey datasets may include one or more weighting variables. These typically correct for unequal selection probabilities or to match the profile of the survey population to population estimates.

To apply a weighting variable:

  1. Select the Weight option weight and any predefined weighting variables will be displayed
  2. Click on the weighting variable you want to apply
  3. Click on the arrow between the boxes to move it to the box on the right
  4. If you click on an icon or tab above the weighting page, the weighting will be automatically applied
  5. Alternatively, click on 'OK'

Note: It is also possible to use a variable that is not pre-defined as a weight in the dataset. In this case at point 2 above select a variable from the browse list and choose to 'Add as weight'. The variable will then appear in the box on the right as in point 3 above.

The last analysis performed is automatically re-executed. To indicate that a weight variable is in use the message 'Weight is on' appears below the results of any analyses or graphics. By hovering over this message the label for the weighting variable will be displayed.

To remove weighting from an analysis:

  1. Click on the Weight icon
  2. Click 'Clear' to remove all weight variables
  3. Click 'OK' to return to the previous page