Subset by Cases

To perform an analysis on selected cases:

  1. Click on the Subset icon subset.
  2. Select a variable from the browse list.
  3. Click on the variable and select 'Add to subset'.
    The chosen variable will then be moved into the 'Subset' box in the right frame. To see more information about this variable, select 'View documentation'.
  4. Select an operator from the drop down box, '=' (equals) for example.
  5. Select the required category for your analysis from the 'Categories' box.
    To select more than one value, press CTRL while selecting other values.
  6. Click Add to add your category, or categories, to the subset.
  7. Use More to include a category, or categories, from a different variable.
  8. To create the subset, click on an icon, or tab, above the subset page. A 'Filter is on' message will then be displayed.
  9. Alternatively, click 'OK' to return to the previous page.

To clear a subset:

  1. Click subset
  2. Press Clear.
  3. Click 'OK', to rerun the current analysis (for example, Tabulation) without the subset filter applied.

See also Subset Data.