Compute and Recode

The 'Compute' option provides the ability to create user defined variables according to certain pre-defined mathematical and statistical operations. A 'recode' function reassigns the values of existing variables into new values for a new variable.

Note: For the compute icon to be visible on webview the compute option should be enabled via Configuration tool.refer to webview settings guide for details.

To use the 'Compute' option:

  1. Select the compute icon compute . This option is disabled when no study is open or if a study has no data.

    The system will retrieve any variables you have previously generated or have access to.

  2. If there are no previously generated variables a 'Create' box will appear containing a list of calculation types and the 'Recode' option.

  3. Using the 'Create' box select a predefined formula, or 'Recode' to begin to compute a new variable.
  4. If user defined variables already exist these can be deleted from the 'Delete' menu.