Simple Search

There are two different ways to use search within Nesstar WebView:

The default 'simple search' is used to find a search term, or terms, in any part of the metadata.

How To Search

  1. Enter the search term, or terms, into the box above the browse list on the left of the screen.
  2. Press Return or click search .
  3. Results of the search will be listed at the end of the browse list with details of the actual search terms, and operators, used.

If two or more search terms are entered, Nesstar will return hits that include all your search terms by default.

It is possible to use other operators to connect words, but remember that the order in which the search terms are entered will affect the result. Operators that can be used are AND, OR and NOT. It is also possible to search for a phrase by using " (double quotes) to surround the search terms, for example, "Local Government".

If you want to restrict your search to specific metadata fields, e.g. only the title field or the abstract information, please use the Advanced search option.

Advanced search also contains the option to limit a search to survey datasets, survey variables or tabular datasets, but these additional options may not be available on the Nesstar system you are using.