Publishing to Nesstar WebView

The Nesstar Suite consists of a Nesstar Sever, Nesstar WebView and Nesstar Publisher.

Nesstar WebView enables the user to browse metadata, run analyses against published data, and download data and documentation just using a commonly available web browser.

Nesstar Publisher is a set of tools that enables data publishers to prepare their data for publishing to a Nesstar Server. However, Publisher is also able to export DDI XML and so can be used as a stand-alone tool to produce this type of file.

Nesstar Publisher enables the data publisher to import, convert, append and manage data. It can import a number of different formats of data, such as an SPSS portable file, convert it to an internal Nesstar format and at the same time extract (where possible) all existing metadata into the DDI XML structure.

Nesstar Publisher also provides a means for adding metadata including a facility for creating controlled vacabulary lists to ensure consistency of information for particular fields.