Nesstar WebView

Version 4.0

User Guide

NSD produces an innovative suite of software that has been designed to enable publishers and users of social and economic data (and other similarly structured data) to exploit the new generation of web technologies.

Nesstar WebView is a web-based system that is an integral component of Nesstar for the dissemination of statistical information and related documentation. Data and metadata that have been published to a Nesstar Server, using Nesstar Publisher, can be viewed without the need for specialised software. Using a standard web browser users are able to access, search, locate, browse, analyse, and download data and metadata.

Key features of Nesstar WebView are:

Searching and Browsing

Analytical Tools

Data Access


Using the Nesstar WebView Help System:
These Help pages are designed to provide information on the main components of Nesstar WebView to enable you to take full advantage of the Nesstar functionality. For information on how to interpret the results of any analysis performed on survey data, e.g. a cross-tabulation or regression analysis, please consult appropriate resources containing information on data analysis or statistics.

'Help' can be accessed at any time by clicking help-icon at the top of the screen. The pages are context sensitive so by clicking the 'Help' icon after selecting 'Tabulation', the 'Manipulate tables' information will be displayed. You can also use the menu on the left to go directly to another page.

If you have queries that cannot be resolved by referring to these Help pages, or by consulting your local support, please send an email to