Getting to know Nesstar WebView



Nesstar WebView is optimised to operate with the latest stable versions of all commonly used web broswers (eg. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera,etc ).


Screen Layout

Nesstar WebView has two frames. The left frame contains a search facility and a hierarchical browse list of resources, e.g. datasets, tables and reports.The right frame displays the item selected from the browse list, and is also used when exploring and analysing data and metadata.If multi-language support is enabled and resources are available in another language then one switch between languages by  using language icon  lang-icon. For example, lang-icon will switch to the English language, and lang-no-icon will switch to Norwegian.



There are two tabs above the right frame (available once the server-name on the left frame is selected ): Description and Tabulation. Click on a tab to make it active.




If a dataset is opened, an  Analysis tab becomes available as shown below:




If the Analysis tab is clicked then the Correlation and Regression tabs are show.




Note that for tabular datasets, the Analysis tab is never available.