The 'Analysis' tab only becomes active when a survey dataset is opened in the browse list. When active, two options are available - 'Correlation' and 'Regression'.


Two options are available: Listwise correlation analysis, or Pairwise correlation analysis.

Add variables to the analysis by selecting them from the browse list. Once added click Remove to remove from the analysis.

Two display options are available: 'Significance' and 'Count'. Check one or both options, then Update, to alter the displayed information.

A Scatterplot scatterplot is also available.


To perform a regression analysis, select variables from the browse list, and then choose either 'Add as dependent variable' or 'Add as independent variable'. You must include one dependent variable and at least one independent variable.

Scatterplot scatterplot graphs are available& where the dependent and independent variables are plotted against each other. When a regression consists of more than two variables, a scatterplot is drawn for each combination of variables.

To save the results, see also Save output.

To start a new analysis, select clear .