Subset Data

To download a subset of cases and/or variables from a survey dataset, go to the Download page and select Subset. You can choose to subset by cases, by variables or by both cases and variables.

Subset by cases

  1. Select the Cases tab.
  2. Follow the procedure for Subset by Cases.

Subset by variables

  1. Select the Variables tab.
  2. Select the variable, or variable group, you wish to add to the subset from the browse list.
  3. Click on the variable, or group, name and select 'Add to subset'.
  4. Add further variables, or groups, as required. (The subset is automatically applied).
  5. Click Ok to return to the Download page.

Subsetting hierarchical survey data

Subsets of variables from files at different hierarchical levels are downloaded as one merged file. For example, if a variable is chosen from a household file and another variable is chosen from an individual file, the household information will be copied to the records of each person in the household.

To download an unmerged subset of variables from files at different hierarchical levels, separate downloads for each file need to be performed.