Save Output

The results of analyses (such as tabulations, graphs and regressions) can be saved in the following ways:

Export table to spreadsheet excel-icon

Information viewed as a table can be exported to a spreadsheet. This includes the cross-tabulation of survey variables and the results of correlation or regression analyses. The data currently displayed in a table is exported to the spreadsheet. To save the spreadsheet, use your web browser's 'File' and 'Save As' option.

Print preview print-preview

Print preview is available at any time. This copies the information currently displayed in the right frame into a new screen. This can also be saved using your web browser's 'File' and 'Save As', option, or printed directly.

Export as PDF pdf

Export as PDF is available for tables, charts and maps. Selecting this option will create a PDF file containing the table or chart and other related information, e.g. Dataset/Table title.

It is also possible to download metadata, a complete survey dataset, or a subset of a survey dataset. See Download Data & Documentation for further information.