Download Data & Documentation

Downloading a dataset

  1. Select a dataset by clicking either the tabular, study or the dataset title.
  2. Click on the Download icon download.
  3. Select the required data format from the drop down menu.
  4. Click on Download.

Nesstar supports the following file formats for download:

A subset of the dataset can also be downloaded. See Subset Data for further information.

The downloaded data file is a ZIP compressed archive and needs to be extracted using an unzipping tool, for instance Winzip, Pkunzip or equivalent.

Tabular (cube) datasets

Please note that although the download option is available for published tables (cubes), the actual data cannot be downloaded.

However, when viewing a table, clicking excel will export the information currently displayed to a spreadsheet, and pdf will create a PDF file.

Note: Some data analysis packages have certain limitations. For example, Stata version 7 will not accept more than 2,047 variables and Microsoft Excel will not accept more than 256 variables or more than 65,536 cases (rows). If you expect the dataset to exceed the limitations of your intended software, please reduce the size of the dataset, before downloading, by using the subset facility.

Downloading metadata

This option is available for both survey and tabular data. There are two metadata download formats: PDF (default) and XML which can be selected from the drop down box. Please note that the content of the metadata depends on the information provided by the organisation who published the data to the Nesstar system.