Server Installation

For Windows

Java 1.7 and MariaDB come bundled with the Nesstar server installer for Windows. To install the server, simply download the .exe file and double click it to run the installer. Follow the step-by-step installation wizard instructions.

For Linux

Follow these steps

  1. Install Java Development Kit 1.7
  2. Install Apache Ant  (>= 1.7 )
  3. Install MariaDB (or MySQL)
  4. Prepare your database server (See Configure your external database for more detailed instructions on how to prepare your database server for Nesstar.)
    • Create an emtpy database called 'nesstar'
    • Grant privileges to the user 'nesstar' on said database
  5. Unpack the Nesstar .tar.gz file.
  6. cd to the root folder of the installation and execute 'bin/'.
  7. A Configuration Tool GUI will appear (this could take a minute)
  8. Once you have defined all of your settings, your server will be started when you click on Apply Settings.
  9. See ‘ReadMe.html’ in the installation directory for further information.


If you want to install Nesstar on a 64bit Linux system, you will need to make sure the following 32bit libraries are available:

Example for deb based systems: On a Ubuntu 10.04 system they can be installed by typing

sudo apt-get install ia32-libs lib32gcc1 lib32stdc++6

Example for rpm based systems: On a Fedora 13 system they can be installed by typing (as root)

yum install libstc++.i686

(To enable https/SSL - see the Security page.)