Nesstar Publisher

Version 4.0

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NSD produces an innovative suite of software that has been designed to enable publishers and users of social and economic data (and other similarly structured data) to exploit the new generation of web technologies.

Nesstar Publisher

Advanced Data Management

Nesstar Publisher is an advanced data management program. It consists of data and metadata conversion and editing tools, enabling the user to prepare these materials for publication to a Nesstar Server. However, it can also be used as a stand-alone tool for the preparation of data and metadata. The Publisher enables users to enhance datasets by combining a wide range of catalogue and contextual information, which can then be viewed within the Nesstar web client, Nesstar WebView.

Main features

Standalone or Direct Publishing

Nesstar Publisher can be used as a standalone tool for the preparation of data and metadata but can also be used to mount the enhanced dataset on a Nesstar Server. This allows the data and metadata to be searched, browsed, analysed, and downloaded via Nesstar WebView. Access to these resources by these means can be made free and universal, or can be limited to authorised individuals in accordance with the wishes of the data publisher.

A Complete Metadata Authoring Tool

The key feature of Nesstar Publisher is that it is a complete metadata authoring tool. Metadata is critical because data are only made accessible through their accompanying documentation. Without a description of their various elements, data resources will manifest themselves as more or less meaningless collections of numbers to the end user. The metadata provides the bridge between the producers of data and their users and conveys information that is essential for secondary analysis.

DDI Compliant

Nesstar Publisher is also DDI compliant. The DDI (Data Documentation Initiative) is a metadata standard used for documenting datasets developed in European and North American data archives, libraries and official statistics agencies. It is designed to be fully machine readable and machine processable. The DDI is now defined in XML which facilitates easy internet access but the advantage of Nesstar Publisher is that the user does not need to have any knowledge of XML to generate data documentation.

Using the Nesstar Server Help System:

These Help pages are designed to provide information on the main components of Nesstar Publisher to enable you to take full advantage of the Pubøisher functionality. Getting to know, installation, publishing and other relevant information guides can be found here.

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