Nesstar 4.0 is now available

A new version of the Nesstar Software Suite has been released.

Nesstar 4.0 comes with many new features for publishing and analysing data and metadata.

Also, the metadata editor and publishing tool Nesstar Publisher is now also made available as freeware.

Nesstar 4.0 now supports


Download new versions of Nesstar Server and Publisher.


Requirements for Server

For Windows Version

For Linux Version

Requirements for Webview


Nesstar WebView is optimised to operate with the latest stable versions of all commonly used web broswers (eg. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera,etc ).


Requirements for Publisher

Publisher is a desktop standalone application. It requires Windows XP, 2000, Vista or Windows7 and internet connect if the data is to be published directly to nesstar server,

Currently we do not have a unix/linux version of Publisher.