Nesstar 4.0.8 with support for 64-bit Windows OS is now available

This version includes support for Windows 64-bit versions and support for 32-bit Windows OS will be discontinued. The Linux version will continue to support both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.

Nesstar offers support for multilingual metadata, microdata, aggregate data, multi-layered maps, various visualization, subscriptions/notifications, cell notes/missing data symbols, basic analysis and embedding of live data into regular web pages.

The metadata editor and publishing tool Nesstar Publisher 4.0 is now also available as freeware.

Download new versions of Nesstar Server and Publisher.

Read more about new features in Nesstar 4.0.

Find detailed online Nesstar4.0 help documentation

Publish Data on the Web

Nesstar is a software system for publishing data on the Web. Our tools enable you to:

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